Welcome to Konshus Runna

“Konshus Runna” project.

This project has now come to light and it is ready for use.
We have learned a lot about programming for Android telephones and our plans for the
Konshus Runna app is to simply spread “konshus” music to as many as possible.

So what is Konshus Runna?
Konshus Runna is an app that streams conscious music, listing from some of the very best artists in the Reggae, Roots, Culture and Dub genre. The source of the music stems from the RWR music player

RWR Selection

In essence Konshus Runna, an easy to use app that streams music continuously from www.ruffwiruff.com. This app is useful for long journeys or where one simply wishes to listen to great quality heartical uninterrupted clean reggae music

So how will Konshus Runna grow in the future?
We plan to host existing radio shows, those that “only” airs clean conscious music.
We plan to list all playable artist social contact info such as their social media and
websites within the app while their songs are being played.
There are much more positive movements to implement as time goes on and as people shows more interest but for now, we release the app as is.

Please Note
This app has not been tested on these following products and therefore may not be suitable for:-
* Tablets
* Android TV
* Android Wear

If you do intend on using Konshus Runna then please help us to even further help you to test this app and should you experience any faults then please do not hesitate to let us know.

We hope you do enjoy this app
Love and light
Sunshine & the RWR Team

Click link to download the android version app



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