Salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are mined from the Himalayan Mountains using natural methods. The salt has been compressed over time through extreme pressures and can be cut like stone. Once mined, this natural salt is not chemically processed, just cleaned and sculpted to create the unique shapes of today’s beneficial lamps. These lamps have been used since ancient times for their health benefits, calming effects and gentle light. The modern world has found new uses for them.
Some people use Himalayan Salt Lamps at their computer desk, since they effectively aid in the neutralization of positive ions that are generated by computers and other electronic gadgets. They can help you focus better and think clearer, which can lead to a more productive day.
You can place Himalayan Salt Lamps and candle holders in the bathroom, so you can experience a calming feeling and clear your mind, enabling you to fully relax. Make bath time more revitalizing and special by adding Himalayan Bath Salts to your bath water. Our bodies benefit from the combination of minerals that naturally occur in the Himalayan Salt.
Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in every room of your house or office to experience the great benefits of the negative ions naturally generated by the lamps.
Himalayan Salt Lamps emit beneficial negative ions that bond with the detrimental positive ions and neutralize them. Additional negative ions remain in the air and produce all the healthful effects that have been identified with negative ions. Negative, in this case, means they are good. This creates fresher, cleaner air, less fatigue and the reduction of allergens and asthma. In addition Himalayan Salt Lamps help you enter a calmer, peaceful state of mind resulting in deeper, more restful sleep. Like the effects after a thunder storm or near a waterfall, Himalayan Salt Lamps create a soothing environment.
These lamps make perfect gifts. Giving them is giving the gift of serenity and health.
Wondering how the Himalayan salt lamps work? Think of how clean and fresh the air feels after a thunderstorm. This is because after a rainstorm there are tons of negatively charged ions in the air. These are the same ions the lamps produce. Other places that naturally produce these negative ions are oceans and waterfalls. The salt lamps grab moisture from the air and convert the bad positive ions into good healthy negative ions. This makes the air we breathe purer and enables the mind to relax and be more at ease


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