Rebel Frequency is eponym single by Nattali Rize

RELEASE   08.06.2017 FORMAT   Single TAKEN FROM THE ALBUM   Rebel Frequency LABEL   Baco Records DISTRIBUTOR   Believe Digital EAN   3614975975947931 EXPLICIT LYRICS   No GENRE   Reggae

Rebel Frequency is eponym single for the chart-topping debut album by Nattali Rize. Released in March, the Australian singer’s album shakes the reggae world with a new voice and a sound between tradition and progress. Nattali Rize easily mixes styles and on this track, you can find a special and rare rock/electronic sound that you won’t find on many reggae albums. A heavy message surrounded by a waxy Jamaican bass and powerful drums. „Rebel on the run, we’re the children of the sun“. Much hope and combativity are in this song, and Nattali Rize’s energy and charisma will most likely touch you.
Nattali Rize is one of the few women who manage to be famous in the very exclusive reggae world. A huge talent for live shows and her very special voice had seduced Jamaican producers. Native from Australia she’s coming from rock music and doesn’t have at first all the attributes to convince this kind of offbeat affiliated audience. But her talent and unique personality made her the new flavour of the moment in Jamaica. Nattali Rize’s powerful voice contrasts with her fragile appearance, great talent for sensitivity and finesse that she brings and retains in the very masculine reggae world. Since her debut with the Australian band « Blue King Brown » she performed on some of the biggest and most desirable stages to perform hits like „Rebel Love“. Currently, she had and still has great success in the US with a 30 dates tour crossing spots like „California Roots“ in Monterey, California. Nattali Rize is considered to be a very original talented artist and definitely has her place in the reggae world that can be violent and macho. An everyday fight to compete with so many clichés and to spread an engaged message of union and protection for the oppressed.


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