Mellow Mark -Cross the Line-(Nomade Version)

Mellow Mark announces his upcoming album „Nomade“ with the atmospheric video single „Cross the Line (Nomade Version). Electronic offbeat guitars who remind you to The Police, an electro hip-hop beat, and a drum & bass end. The song is an appeal for more empathy and open-mindedness in English and German language. Mellow Mark features the well know band Jamaram, as well as the live-dub-project AnalogBassCamp. Cross the Line was written by him and the Jamaram lead singer Tom Lugo and was originally produced for the latest Jamaram album Freedom of Screech, that was released earlier this year. The mix was made by Umberto Echo and the backing vocals are sung by Sara Lugo – Tom Lugo’s sister, who is well known herself for the song „Really Like You feat. Protoje“. The video was shot on tour with Jamaram, where Mellow Mark joined as a featured guest and was cut by Sebastian Matthäus / Grenzfarben. Cross the Line is not a moralising lecture – still, everybody will agree, when Mellow and Tom sing: “Ist es so schwer, zu schauen mit den Augen eines anderen 
 Wir alle haben dieselbe Sehnsucht, glücklich zu sein, 
 dieselbe Hoffnung, wir sind Kinder von Eva und Adam. 
 Das zu verstehen wär für den Mensch ein Meilenstein.” (could be translated as: It’s hard to view through the eyes of someone else, we all just want to be happy, the same hope, we are all children of Adam and Eve, it would be a milestone for mankind if we would understand that.) Boomrush Promotions  Contact: Felix Rühling / Tondernstr. 14 / 26127 Oldenburg / Germany +49 (0)1573-42 93 504 // // Skype: Boomrush-Backup
Mellow Mark
RELEASE   07.07.2017 FORMAT   Single LABEL   Danse Macabre / Digitale Dissidenz LABELCODE   6249 DISTRIBUTOR   Believe Digital PRODUCER   Jamaram, Umberto Echo & Mellow Mark EXPLICIT LYRICS   No GENRE   Urban Pop / Reggae Cross the Line (Nomade Version) feat. Jamaram & AnalogBassCamp


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