Meet Kyri Roots – The roaring lion from South West London

Kyri Roots was born kyriakos Michael in 1973 in South West London.
From then, growing up in South London, Reggae has been a part of his life because he could hear Reggae music being played everywhere and he loved what he heard and has been a Reggae Music Lover ever since. Throughout his childhood years, he had a fascination for reggae music, the chords, the melodical and sweet harmonies and of course the lyrics from the outstanding vocalists throughout the Reggae years.Reggae is a passion that lies deep within him and has given him the inspiration to learn more about this genre of music, He started off his singing career by doing radio jingles for Passion FM London, UK. He would also sing at events and parties organised by friends around London.In 2000, he moved back to Cyprus to live. In Cyprus, he linked up with an old school friend (X Method) by accident who turned out to be a producer looking for a singer at the time and King Rootsy being in need of a producer! With him, he worked on many projects and has a dozen solo tracks.

In the summer of 2007, he was resident DJ at Jammin’ Reggae in Ayia Napa, Cyprus where he was spreading the good reggae music vibes to the people and also did live singing performances, the crowd dem love it!

Due to the recent success and crossover of reggae and dancehall music into mainstream music worldwide, he was approached to collaborate with British and Cypriot Hip-Hop/Rap Artists, John Wu and Lyrical Eye of Cyprus. He features on John Wu’s officially released track, *Epidemic* where he sings an English chorus. He also appears in the video clip which is being aired on Cypriot national television.

His collaboration with Lyrical Eye on the hip-hop track *Bounce* led to becoming the finalist and winner of the 2006 Great American Song writing Contest.

He has performed live at many events all across the island of Cyprus, including a New Year’s Eve celebration concert where he performed to a crowd of 5000 people. Other collaborations include tracks with Mario Mental, MC Yoda and 357, i.e. warm-up show for Going’ Through Greek Hip-Hop Act Concert. Unfortunately there is hardly a reggae music scene in Cyprus – no bands whatsoever, and so his true works have yet to be appreciated by the people who love and understand reggae music.

At present, he remains unsigned and still looking to promote himself further into reggae music industry with his unreleased serious one-drop tune *Dub Pressure*. In the meantime, he has been holding his own Reggae Events where he DJ’s roots reggae music and performs his songs live in the dance. Trying to promote and spread the message and knowledge of reggae music in a community where reggae has never been played. It’s hard work!


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