Madi Simmons, JAH humble servant

A big shout out and heartfelt thank you to brother Madi Simmons, first and foremost for his blessings to humanity with his beautiful soul and uplifting messages in his music and secondly but not least for his support during my troddings. I salute you brother!

This spotlight is all yours, JAH know you deserve it.

Much love to you and yours



About Madi Simmons:

“I was born in the states and I began my music career at the age of 16. I started playing drums and singing backups in a garage band. I was always drawn to music that had a message. My influences at that time were, CURTIS MAYFIELD, JAMES BROWN, MARVIN GAYE, ARETHA FRANKLIN & NINA SIMONE. I read the teaching of Mr.Marcus Garvey, Mr MALCOLM X, to name a few, and in the late 70’s onwards, was exposed to Reggae. IT WAS AND IS A REVELATION FROM ON HIGH and the artists that influenced me are BOB MARLEY, PETER TOSH, LINTON KWESI JOHNSON, BURNING SPEAR, to name but a few. The songs I write and sing are from my heart, as I have been taught…I wish for my works to talk for me..I can walk the walk on my own…” @madisimmons


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