Luciano releases new single through Oneness Records

UPC: 194491944056
Product Code: 0ne054a
Format: Single digital
Label: Oneness Records
P+C: Oneness Records 2020
Release date: Feb.14th 2020

Luciano – The Answer

The Answer encapsulates what this veteran artist is all about. The title track from his upcoming album, it’s a glorious mix of Roots and Dub, bringing all Luciano has learned about his craft across three decades into one song. But it also demonstrates the versatility of the man, feeling right up-to-date amid the current Revival movement.

Produced by Moritz v. Korff and Benjamin Zecher, and mixed/mastered by Umberto
Echo, The Answer employs numerous musical devices to bring Luciano’s sound into the
21st century. But it also nods to the genres’ roots.
The track opens with a melodica solo, playing tribute to the great Augustus Pablo. Then,
it takes you firmly into Roots and Dub territory. The guitars do a traditional Roots skank,
which is then mixed up with a heavy, elongated reverb to create a Dub vibe. Synths play
their part in the ‘dubbiness’, too.
But it’s Luciano’s vocals and lyrics which truly shine. He’s lost none of the power in his
voice, giving a performance full of light and shade, versatile intonation and a still-
soaring range. Coupled with his potent lyrics which discuss how Jah is “the answer”, the
track is the perfect introduction to Luciano’s batch of new material. And it sets the tone
perfectly for The Answer as a complete album.

The Answer credits:
Composed by M.v.Korff and B. Zecher
Lyrics by J. McClymont
Drums – Martino Liver
Bass/Keys/Melodica – Moritz “DaBaron“ v. Korff
Guitars – Stefan Tavra
Backing vocals – Nikki Burt
Mixed and mastered Umberto Echo
Produced by Moritz v.Korff and Benjamin Zecher


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