Long awaited album “Battlefield” by Peppery to be released 20th Jan 2017

RuffWiRuff is proud to announce the long awaited album from Peppery called Battlefield. An album that touches many aspects of love and life. Its out on the 20th of January and from today you can hear a sample of few tracks from the album Battlefield in our RWR selection player under the music section. This is THE album thats missing in your music collection so make sure to get yourself a copy.

To Peppery;  On the behalf of the whole RuffWiRuff family and crew we wish you manifestation of all your best intentions: lovely heart, strength in your struggle and victory in all your endeavours with continual positive movements. Oneness // Sunshine


“”One could easily say that it’s kind of ironic that the very first track on Peppery’s Battlefield album is about love but then again, the album discusses life’s issues and life itself is full of ironies. Another wonder that could be pointed out  is that Peppery is known for releasing a number of dancehall tracks over the years yet not one can be found on this particular album – expect the unexpected.

“It is a roots reggae based record but my involvement in various genres of music would not allow me at this time to do a complete reggae album,” explained Peppery. “I would also like to take my dancehall supporters with me on this special journey, hoping that they will take the time and patience to not just enjoy this album but to understand it as well.”

The album could simply be described as a predominantly reggae with a bit of fusion. It is probably worth pointing out as well that the album does have a dancehall edge to it, more noticeable in the style of delivery on tracks like “Make It Right” and “Bad Like.” The latter also put an interesting twist to the project as it is a re-work of “Yuh Nuh Bad,” which was released as part of Cut La Vis’ “One Step Forward” compilation album on Nice Up Records.

Consciousness is at the heart of this album, filled with melodious flows and topics on a variety of subjects including world affairs and romance. Peppery is an artist who prides himself on not using profanity in his lyrics so needless to say, this album is free from such term.””  http://ambielmusic.com/portfolios/battlefield/

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