How to meditate

In the beginning, 5 minutes each day is enough.
Find a special place and set a time away from distractions.
Choose a comfortable chair to sit on or, if you prefer, a soft pillow for the floor.
Make sure that you are fully comfortable so that you can sit relaxed for atleast 5 min.
If you want to, you can light a candle or an insence stick, to help you feel more relaxed.
Some people prefer to play calm instrumental music in the background while meditating, so feel your way and see what works best for you.
Feeling comfortable?
Lets meditate!

The basic precepts of meditation are breathing and relaxation. This can be difficult to master in the beginning but if you keep practising it a few minutes a day, thats all you need to get started on your journey of blissful meditations
Close your eyes.
Start with taking a deep breathe…breathe in through your nose…and out through your mouth.
Your focus should be on your breathing, so continue to through you nose…and out through you mouth..You will find your mind wandering off on other things. When that happens just turn your focus back on your breathing.
As you take long and deep breaths, feel your breath move from your lungs and out through your mouth, try to stay as focused as you can.
Feel whats going on in your body while you meditating.. How do you feel afterwards?
Keep doing this for 5 min a day and give it time. Many people get dishearted when they cant feel or see immidate benefits. It takes time..sometimes days..weeks or month. So dont give up. Hang in there. Meditation takes time to grow into and to fully appreciate. Be persistent, as there will come a moment when your awareness will suddenly shift and you’ll want more of this experience!
Love & Light


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