Get well soon challenge for Derrick Lara

Greetings family
We are asking you all to join us and support the #getwellsoonchallenge for Derrick Lara

(Following text is taken directly from Derrick Lara’s personal facebook)

“”” Let’s run the #GetWellSoonChallenge and send love, strenght and hope to reggae old star Derrick Lara. Suffering from cancer Derrick needs our support now. Play his chune – take a short video and let Derrick know that we all go trough this with him together.

Don’t forget to check out Derrick Lara’s new album “Striving” on CD Baby
Every sold album or song will help to cover Derrick’s health expenses.

Also Derrick Lara’s YouTube Channel is well worth a visit:

S>V SAILING VESSEL BAMBA MARU Challenges derrick laras fans to a video get well soon competition. Yes CREATE A 2-4 MINUTE VIDEO FROM HOME, OFFICE, BEECH or car or garden anywhere, playing one of derricks songs and you or a group wishing him to GET WELL SOON… the top 5 videos chosen will get a free derrick lara cd sent to you with free shipping…. lets pour in the love to derrick nuh?
All videos must be submitted by february 13th and sent to us at
all videos will be played for derrick and all winners will be featured on the 14th on his fb page “””

Myself and the rest of the ruffwiruff team want to ask all the wonderful DJ’s out there to also push Derrick Lara’s song “one two” from his new grudgeful album. Play it as much as you can.

We are holding Derrick Lara and his loved ones in our prayers and sending much strengthening love, light and healing energies

One perfect love ❤

Sunshine & Team RuffWiRuff

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