“Gate of Mt Zion” Qshan Deya feat Vaughn Akae Beka Benjamin

Qshan Deya’, The Volcano Trumpet, born on a Small Island with a Big Voice, Mystik Productions presenting to you this unique collaboration with the leader of Akae Beka, a man with a brilliant mind, Vaughn Benjamin. “Gate of Mt. Zion” is wide open, many are called but few are chosen, with a clean hands and pure heart one can hold the key to the home of love and tranquility.
Attached please find the mp3 of the song. Take a listen, share and give your feedback.
      1. Gate of Mt. Zion - Qshan Deya' (K. Quashie) Feat. Vaughn ''Akae Beka'' Benjamin
The track will be soon available for download on all iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and more…

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