“How Di place A Run” Video and Peppery EP release


The “Peppery EP” and music video for “How Di Place A Run” is here!

This is part of  The Peppery EP out now on Raider Records but as it’s the only one that is accompanied by a music video, here’s a bit more insight. 
With an original singjay style chorus, the message in it is lyrically self-explanatory. The verses are a combination of 80s fast chatting (bionic style) and wavey flows with a modern twist. When I was recording it, it felt like I needed to sing each verse all in one go in order to capture the full effectiveness of it. If I made a mistake or if it wasn’t right enough, I had to start all over again from the begining of that verse.

The video is done with a degree of simplicity and naturality. Filmed around various locations in Bristol UK on the 5th of September 2017, the night of the Raider Records takeover event at The Attic Bar. It follows Timbali and Peppery (with a cameo from Parly B) through the city of Bristol as they head to the venue and hit the stage. The atmosphere was electrified!

Filmed, directed and edited by Mario Mangata

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Artist Links:
Peppery https://soundcloud.com/peppery
G Duppy https://soundcloud.com/gduppy-new-2015
Mr. Benn https://soundcloud.com/mr-benn
Timbali https://soundcloud.com/timbali
Rukus https://soundcloud.com/the_rukus

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To how di place a run
It mek mi feel fi get a gun
But mi tell myself say mi nuh waa none
Mi come fi teach di youths dem say
There got to be a better way, Timbali!

To how di place a run, it mek mi feel fi get a gun
But mi tell myself say mi nuh waa none
How how di place a run, mek one-a-way mi waa go blaze mi chillum
Cau certain people, mi nuh waan fi be among
How di place a run, mek Rasta haffi put a firebun
Pon di system weh a hold di youths down
How di place a run, it mek nuff people say di Father soon come
Di murder rate gone pass maximum

Verse 1:
From di east to fi west to di north and south, one bagga badness, dem a talk bout
Thump inna face and box inna mouth is a thing of the past now a bare guns out
How dem a gallang so, dem deh pon di wrong route
Jah Jah beg yu straighten dem out, mi shout
Di system full up a fake so inna it we have doubt
We a call upon the elders dem because dem have clout
Di youth dem a di future so we can’t leave dem out
We haffi train dem from dem a sprout

Verse 2:
Di youth dem a loot and a shoot and a kill and dem nah gi no time fi nobody write will
Pon flat, toppa hill, dem a mek blood spill, least little ting, dem a empty barrel
And dem nah hear when yu tell dem fi chill
And dem nuh care a who yu, if yu a Jack or Jill
Mi a wonder if a di food or dem a tek certain pill
But summa dem ya youth ya psychologically ill
Dem need a lot of guidance from di elders oh that would be so brill
If di generation gap get fill

Clayton Brown, more popularly known as Peppery, is arguably, currently one of the most underrated artists in the Reggae/Dancehall industry. Originally from Trelawny, Jamaica, he is now based in Manchester, UK. He has been featured on a number of compilations and performed on a number of shows across Europe.
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