Cookie The Herbalist & Lee Scratch Perry New track “Eaze”

Cookie The Herbalist & Lee Scratch Perry
RELEASE   11.08.2017 FORMAT   Single LABEL   Boomrush Productions EAN    7630047145421 EXPLICIT LYRICS   No GENRE   Reggae

With “Eaze!”, Reggae and Dub music legend Lee Perry and his buddy Cookie The Herbalist created a smooth such as magical earworm for the summer. Despite the easy way the two artists are flowing on the song, its content is more profound.The tracks purpose is to convey the people in Jamaica such as all citizens of the world to literally “Eaze!” and “cool down” even in these not so easy times we’re living in. Look for education and love instead of busting guns and chasing the dark side of life, keep manners and respect instead of being unruly and ungrateful. “…We tell unnu fe eaze, cool now please! Hold your manners and your orders ina times like these… and don’t forget to pray ina times like these…”
The dubby sounding rythm for the song was created by swiss producers “Weedy G” and instrumentally rearranged and redubbed by talented german band “Boomrush”. While chilling in Negril, Jamaica, Lee and Cookie wrote this colorful song. You won’t miss some of Scratch’s typical word-games, this time it’s also Cookie who makes use of them following Lee’s idea.
“…And this yah rain is a bless-sun; wash away the sin-tongue and the symptom…”
With “Eaze!”, Bob Marley’s musical drawing dad and Cookie are pretty sure to present the audience a refreshing, lyrically serious but still humoristically performed hit tune! On their latest trip on the island, the two artists decided to shoot a little video clip to the song. So, a very amazing such as amusing video was shot in Negril and other spots on the Caribbean island.

      1. Eaze! - Cookie The Herbalist feat. Lee Scratch Perry

The video is a true “must – watch”! Even more, since it has been years there hasn’t been a music clip with Lee performing and acting in it for real, appearing to the public. We can proudly say: “Eaze!” is a new, very fresh chapter of Reggae and Dub music history!

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