Citrine is a crystal so beneficial and full of positive features and vibrations that every person even slightly interested in minerals and stones should have in their collection. Not only will you be satisfied with its gentle look and tender color, but it will assist you in reaching your goals, and achieving abundance in your life. It is said that citrine brings happiness and optimistic feelings. No need to go into details explaining this — just take one of these shining crystals and see it for yourself what the impact of its ennobled color is.
Citrine will help you establish a link with the Spiritual spheres of your life. It is a symbol of hope, youth, health, and faithfulness.
The Color of Citrine
The color of this stone is transparent to opaque yellow and golden brown; it is a shining glass-like stone. In its physical characteristics, citrine is nothing more than a variation of rock crystal wherein we find are some iron impurities that are responsible for the unique coloration. There are gem quality citrine crystals, with superior characteristics in terms of transparency and intense perfect color. In such cases, citrine gemstone is practically impossible to distinguish from topaz of the same color, unless one checks the hardness, of course. Earth mined citrines are of very light colored yellow to golden. If the stone possesses a reddish shade, most likely it will be a thermally treated amethyst.
The yellow color of citrine is sometimes connected with the ability to perform logical thinking and intellectual work. Often this mineral is considered to be among the few crystals that need no special cleansing or purification, owing to its inability of accumulating negative energies. Moreover, citrine is thought to be able to transform all the negativities into positive vibrations and environmental irradiation.
Origin and Occurrences
The name citrine is believed to originate from the French word for lemon – obviously due to the similarity in their color. The most abundant source of natural citrines is Brazil, but also USA, Madagascar, and Russia have some supplies. Generally, it is a rare stone.
The Metaphysics of Citrine Crystals
In the metaphysical literature, the meaning and spiritual significance of this crystal is connected to third, Solar Plexus Chackra. Obviously, this pairing has been done on account of the optical properties, as yellow and golden stones (such as, for instance, amber, yellow (imperial) topaz, yellow calcite, tigers eye, yellow jasper) are attributed to the Manipura chakra. When talking about this energy center, the effect of citrine will be seen in your increased self respect, proper expression of personal powers, and in your ability to attract abundance. These concepts are interlinked. Your improved self-respect will make you capable of using your powers in a reasonable and correct way. On the other hand, your ability to use your powers properly, will bring you to prosperity and abundance, and this not only in the material spheres. Your creativity will rise.
If your third energy center is thrown out of balance, various missuses on the level of the will are possible, such as greed and manipulation. Citrine can help in the balancing of this chakra, as well as in establishing a relation between the seventh and third energy centers, which in turn promotes a feeling of unity with the whole creation. Due to the fact that the golden color is related to the Sun, citrine stones are excellent in this process of harmonization.

If you are a wealthy person, you are in danger of becoming greedy and overly attached to material things. To prevent this, wear citrine in form of citrine jewelry. This stone will help you energize yourself; it will promote heat, comfort and energy. It will help in ordinary things of everyday life. It will open your mind to new thoughts, and increase your self esteem.
If you are not so wealthy, this stone will help you in getting wealth, prosperity and business success. It will teach you how to get rich and it will offer support and wisdom to make the right moves in your career enterprises.
Healing Properties of Citrine
Citrine is thought to balance digestion and some other eating disorders, as well as help with allergies and diabetes. It purifies the spleen, liver, and pancreas. It is believed that along with carnelian it might help with kidney and urinary problems, blood circulation and detoxification. It is a powerful stone for strengthening the immune system and generally the whole metabolism.
On the emotional level, it heals emotional wounds, promotes good will and nice moods. It prevents nightmares and sleep disturbances. On the spiritual level, citrine will teach us that the best way to insure success is to do things for other people as well. The Universe will recognize your responsibility in dealing with financial matters and resources and, naturally, more and more energy in form of money will flow towards you.

Where to Display Citrine?
In Feng Shui, it is recommended to keep most of the citrine stones in the wealth corner of your house. It is usually the far left corner from the main entrance door of your house. They will make a nice decoration to your home, as they will blend nicely and will be a center of constant soothing energies directed toward the other objects of your interior. Larger crystals always make the best impression, however, the smaller ones also look nice if tastefully displayed.
In conclusion, citrine is a powerful cleansing tool. It carries within the power of the Sun, and as such, it is very creative. It will disperse and ground all negative energies and cleanse all your chakras. It purifies your astral and mental body. If you have problems turning your thoughts into words and emotional expression put on a piece of nice citrine jewelry. This stone will reduce your anger and diminish your fear of responsibility.



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