Chaya or Tree Spinach

lightly steamed or Washed and juiced

Chaya is a 6-foot tall bush with spinach like taste that grows in Texas, Florida, Mexico and other tropical areas or can be grown in green houses in colder climates. This ancient green was used by the Mayans in the making of tamales and other dishes, and Chaya has many health benefits… and some varieties must be cooked.

Chaya is a good diuretic, and also stimulates circulation, improves digestion, and also helps with diabetes… and in studies with animals blood glucose was dropped by more than 35 points within minutes. Plus it’s a good laxative and also helps to harden the fingernails. Chaya improves vision, soothes away coughs, helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol, prevents anemia, improves your memory, and also helps with arthritis.

Chaya contains all the same nutrients as spinach but in much higher quantities, and some people call it super food. And Chaya is easy to grow, just snap off a piece of the plant and stick it in the ground and it will grow like crazy.



late addition: Natural Facts

This plant has greater amount of nutrients than spinach leaves.

Chaya is one of the most productive green vegetables.
It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium.
The nutrient content in chaya leaves is three times higher than any other leaves.
It is better to avoid aluminum vessel while cooking since it will become toxic substance.
This plant grows up to 12 feet high with or without stinging hairs. The unique aspect is up to 50% of the leaves can be harvested at one time.


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