“Bed´s too big” is the second single from Mamakaffe debut album “Slave”.

Bed´s Too Big is the second single from Mamakaffe debut album Slave.

The song, a cover of rock legends The Police is now being serviced to radio with the main emphasis on France.

The artist was born in the Ivory Coast and chose to record the song because she says; it contains elements of reggae framed within a popular musical arrangement. Also that, Bed´s Too Big is a song which touches on lost and loneliness which are sentiments which everyone can relate to.

The music was played by Jamaicans, who also produced the song and there is a similarity with the Sly & Robbie sound harkening back to the heydays of Black Uhuru and Grace Jones.

It follows Crazy World which drew the attention of many who was hearing Mamakaffe for the first time.

Both the new single and the album will be distributed by VP/VPAL, the largest reggae distributor in the world, slated for a July release date. Subsequently it will be made available on all major online platforms.

The artist is embarking on a rigorous campaign behind the song with the aim of breaking through to mainstream success.


      1. Beds too big Master - Mamakaffe


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