Ruff Wi Ruff

sunshine“Ruff Wi Ruff” was founded in the year 2016 by it’s current owner Sunshine, she have been working with music on many levels over the past 10 years. It derives from a strong passion for music since early age. She has now pulled together a small team to promote and connect conscious music to more people. The purpose of is not only to be an event promotional service. Our positive progressive mission is to help workers of conscious music to move on a “higher level” by directly connecting them to the right people in order for them to expand their music ideas, music talents or related products much faster.
However, in the mean time, now in our humble beginning we will be promoting conscious music, music events and other conscious related artist/band, audio/video products here on the website,  while getting ready the other services of over time.

Thank you in helping us to move consciousness ahead and for being a part of the growing Ruff Wi Ruff family.



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