Mellow Mark is back!

Mellow Mark – Nomade
RELEASE 23.02.2018
FORMAT Video-Single
LABEL Danse Macabre, Digitale Dissidenz, MLO
GENRE Reggae

Mellow Mark is back!
Regarding to german BILD magazine, Mellow Mark is back. The Echo Award winner of
2003 (biggest music award in Germany) participated in „The Voice of Germany“ last year
and surprised coaches and millions of people on the television same way.
In April 2018 Mellow Mark will re-release his latest album “Nomade” with features from well
know artists like Thomas D (Fantastische Vier), Jamaram, Uwe Banton and others and
several additional bonus tracks. His old trademark „dreadlocks“ is long gone, but there is
something new, sensational: his One Man Band. He is playing drums and guitar together
with singing and rapping – Multitasking with a lot of messages. Mellow Mark is living on a
small farm south of Berlin. From there he travels with his camper as a modern nomad
through the world. His comeback is accompanied by no one else as Thomas D (member
of Fantastische Vier, Germanys biggest hip-hop act), who himself lives on a farm and
travels with a camper.
The first single release in 2018 is “Nomade” (English: nomad), the track who gave the
name for the album. The track convinces with its smooth flow and often gets people of all
age to sing with the chorus. “Nomade” was recorded with House of Riddim in Austria and
mixed and mastered by Ganjaman in Berlin. The video of this tune will feature Thomas D
in the role of a school bus driver.

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