RWR Weekly Radio Shows
Days DJ's Show Times
Monday Ras Jucks 6pm - 9pm
Monday Sarge 9pm - 12am
Monday Monsta Shellshock Sound 12am - 5pm
Tuesday Riccus 6pm - 9pm
Wednesday Mr P 9pm - 12am
Thursday Mr Viking 6pm - 9pm
Thursday Team Audio & Feego Blacks 9pm - 12am
Thursday Monsta Shellshock Sound 12am - 5am
Friday Riccus 6pm - 9pm
Friday Wayne Lyrics 9pm - 12am
Satuday Ricky General Sound 6pm - 9pm
Satuday Team Audio & Feego Blacks 9pm - 12am
Satuday DJ Cutie Cutes 1am - ??
Sunday Wayne Lyrics 12pm - 3pm
Sunday Mr Viking 3pm - 7pm
Sunday Ricky General Sound 7pm - 12pm

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Meet Kristine Alicia

Kristine Alicia is a Reggae singer/songwriter who was born in Jamaica and now resides in Florida. She isboldly making music with a message; “music of freedom and elevation” as she describes it. Her latest album, “Songs from Zion,” is a “classicContinue reading